About the recipes

Many of these recipes come from index cards, small-run recipe books and family lore.  One thing that’s hard about Ukrainian food is that it’s a fairly laborious – but labor of love – to make.

Enter the Instant Pot.  This is going to speed up a lot of the steps while making it easier to work on other things or get on with your life.

Enter the caveat that everyone who uses (and loves) their Instant Pot quickly learns.  The Instant Pot is not instant.  Yes, it’s a Pot but finished food does not immediately materialize in five minutes.  You have your time to get up to pressure, the pressurized cooking time, the time to release the pressure.  Even after all that, you might also need to finish it up in the oven.

But, when Baba needed to boil the daylights out of wheat for five hours to make Kutya (or Kutia or or Кутья or coo-chiya), the Instant Pot can help with that.