Instant Pot Sviachene – Ukrainian Easter Menu

A decorated pysanka - a Ukrainian Easter egg

Ukrainian food at Easter is just a polar opposite of the Sviatia vecheria – Christmas Eve menu.  Christmas Eve is about meatless and largely dairy-free dishes.  Easter is the opposite:  a lot of pork plus dairy.

They’re Christian holidays but have roots in pagan traditions.  Easter is a celebration of spring and family.

There are two sets of food that get prepared for Easter.  The first set of food is prepared ahead of Easter Sunday for a basket.  You take this food to church to be blessed.

Easter basket

  • Koubasa – garlic sausage
  • Cream cheese
  • Butter
  • Salt (yes, just salt)
  • Cheese
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Cooked ham, roast pork, lamb
  • Paska
  • Babka

Easter dinner

Easter dinner includes all of the items in your basket as well as casseroles and salads.


Two cubes of studenetz with some parsley attempting to make it more appealing

Holubtsi – Cabbage rolls

Three small cabbage rolls on a plate

Pyrohy – Varenyky – Perohe

Varenyky - Pyrohy Dough

Baked Pyrizhky

Baked pyrizhky in a casserole topped with dill cream sauce

Nachinka – Cornmeal

Baked casserole of nachinka with a golden brown top



Beets combined with the sauce

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