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Cooked cabbage rolls inside the Instant Pot covered in tomato sauceMany of these recipes come from index cards, notepads, small-run recipe books and family lore.  One thing that’s hard about Ukrainian food is that it’s a fairly laborious – but labor of love – to make.

Enter the Instant Pot.  This is going to speed up a lot of the steps while making it easier to work on other things or get on with your life.

My family came to Canada in the “first wave” of Ukrainian immigration to Canada from Western Ukraine to Western Canada.  Most of the recipes here reflect that. We say perohe (pair-oh-heh) and not varenyky.

But, wA small bowl of kutiahen Baba needed to boil the daylights out of wheat for five hours to make Kutya (or Kutia or or Кутья or coo-chiya), the Instant Pot can help with that.  The Instant Pot also makes the cooking process worry-free.  You don’t need to constantly stir or check on the food while it’s bubbling away.

The recipes here estimate the total cooking time and not just the cooking time you punch into the Instant Pot.

After at least two years of accumulated web traffic, the more popular recipes here include:

  1. Studenetz - HeadcheeseInstant Pot Studenetz: a garlicky headcheese recipe. The Instant Pot cuts out a lot of hours and hours of boiling and guarantees a great result.
  2. Instant Pot Nachinka: a traditional cornmeal casserole dish which is lighter than a polenta with the addition of eggs
  3. Instant Pot Sour holubtsi – cabbage rolls: traditional Ukrainian cabbage rolls made without meat.
  4. Instant Pot traditional kutya: at Christmas time, this becomes the number one recipe on the site.  The Instant Pot saves hours of time boiling the wheat

There are also a lot of recipes involving beets.

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